Make your deck beautiful again just by changing the colors!

Maybe your sidewalks are covered with dirt, mildew or mold, causing them to become slippery. Have them cleaned with a Biodegradable Mildewcide soap!

No matter how many decks you have,

Alternative can handle the job!

Return the beauty of your deck by having it Washed & Stained!

Deck Maintenance

Limestone &

Sidewalk Cleaning

Wrought Iron Painting

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 Year In Business"

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Deck Cleaning, Staining & Sealing - Wrought Iron Painting!

Washed & Stained using a "Cedar" Translucent Stain.


All workers are employees of Alternative Home Improvement, No Subcontractors!

Employees are English speaking, Experienced, Courteous, On-time and always Professional!

Pressure Washed, Primed & Stained!

Decks below were Washed & Clear Sealed for maintenance!

Have your front stairs Scraped & Painted

with a "Rust-Inhibitor Paint" made exclusively for Wrought Iron!

 On Wrought Iron surfaces, applying

"Skid Trex" to the paint,

aids in creating a Non-Slip sandpaper type of surface.

‚ÄčLimestone Washed Clean and Free of Mold & Mildew!

Are your wrought iron decks rusted, slippery & dangerous? Let us professionally scrape and paint them.

Does your front porch look Grey & Weathered? We can bring it back to "Like New" condition simply by washing and staining it!

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